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TECTONICS announces a training series for the individual contractor.  This is a "hands-on" training program for all levels of Project Management, a power-packed awareness series coupled with group site visits to problem projects, plus in-depth reviews of findings in a workshop environment.

  • Field Personnel - Recognizing claim situations, maintaining job diaries (written and digital), attendance at field meetings, job site photos, progress schedules, productivity records, notification requirements, change orders.

  • Office Personnel - Drawing approvals, equipment cuts, plans and specifications, separation of costs, record keeping, job cost systems, special coding for delay related items, review and annotation of contract documents. Create and maintain a Digital Knowledge-Base of ccritical contract documents..

  • Management - Review of bidding requirements, notification requirements, record keeping, timeliness of claim filing, negotiation tactics.  Working with your Attorney - how providing detailed constructive information to your Legal Professionals will make their representation more effective and less costly.

TECTONICS provides recommended forms and procedures for use in creating and maintaining a  documentation base for future claims.  Digital records and how to set up electronic filing systems

  • Job Progress Schedules - "As-Planned / As-Built

  • Daily Foreman's Log or Digital Log

  • Time Sheets - integration to computerized Job Costing System

  • Shop Drawing Log and Database

  • Equipment Approval Log and Database

  • Contract Drawing Schedule - "As-Planned / As-Built

  • Job Cost System

  • Overhead Analysis

TECTONICS will present an in-depth review of various causes of action.

  • Excessive change orders

  • Constructive changes

  • Schedule slippage and deviation

  • Interference

  • Inspection and testing problems

  • Delayed submittal approvals

  • Concealed and differing conditions

  • Impossibility of performance

  • Design errors and omissions

  • Contract termination

TECTONICS will review impacted damages and documentation requirements

  • Loss of productivity

  • Escalation of direct costs

  • Extended supervision

  • Engineering costs

  • General overhead expenses

  • Financing costs

TECTONICS will help you start building a "Team" approach to problem projects.  Start now to help your Project Managers and Senior Management be better prepared to cope with a growing trend of costly problems and delays.



The principals of TECTONICS are not attorneys and accordingly, do not render legal advice.  TECTONICS will, however, help you understand the evolving problems so you can make an "informed" presentation to your Attorney.

CALL Tectonics TODAY for a confidential conference regarding time and costs for a training series designed to meet your short and long-term needs.

Construction Claims | Construction Management and Owner's Representation | Job Cost Systems

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